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Old Kent Red

origin:United Kingdom   first record:1660   habit:Winter   grain colour:red/brown  references >>>  ID images >>>

BBA Old Kent Red

Old Kent Red is a local variant of Red Lammas, current remaining germplasm from a Dutch genebank accession slightly shorter and generally smaller than remaining other Red Lammas germplasm.

Reference #1

Catalogus plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium by John Ray, 1660 LINK

Reference #2

The agriculturist’s manual, forming a report of Lawson’s agricultural museum in Edinburgh by Peter Lawson, 1836 LINK
"Red Kent Wheat
Spike resembling that of the last but its grains are much larger of a more uniform and darker colour and also more transparent hard and flinty.
Specimens in grain by Messrs Jacob Wrench and Sons seedsmen London weight 65 lb being considered a very superior sample"

Identification images

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Old Kent Red CGN (NLD) #CGN05630