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Pacific Bluestem

origin:United States   first record:1870   habit:Spring   grain colour:white  references >>>

Pacific Bluestem is reportedly imported to the US from Australia being originally there White Lammas which was the first popular wheat for Australian settlers. It was the most popular white wheat in the US during the early 1920´s with 1,336,000 acres sown in 1919.

Other reference

Varieties of common white wheat by Jacob Allen Clark, 1933 LINK

Germplasm link

Pacific Bluestem USDA-ARS (USA) #CItr 4067

Pacific Bluestem VIR (RUS) #k22025

Pacific Bluestem AWCC (AUS) #3137

Pacific Bluestem ACW (CHE) #310

White Australia AWCC (AUS) #3538

White Australian VIR (RUS) #k5746

White Australian USDA-ARS (USA) #PI 45424

White Australian IPK (DEU) #TRI 22920