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Clover's Red

origin:United Kingdom   first record:1841   habit:Winter   grain colour:red/brown  references >>>

Clovers Red

A commercially promoted version of Red Lammas

Reference #1

The Wheat Plant: Its Origin, Culture, Growth, Development, Composition, Varieties, Diseases, Etc., Etc: by John Hancock Klippart, 1860 LINK
"One of the best of the red wheats which has not attained much attention is Clover's variety. It was selected and propagated by Mr John Clover, Kirkling, Cambridgeshire. With a bag of this variety Lawson gained the Highland Society's premium for the best red wheat at Berwick on Tweed in 1841."

Reference #2

On the varieties, properties, and classification of wheat. 2nd Edition by Colonel John Le Couteur, 1872 LINK
"I have long entertained, that the brown Lammas wheats, such as the Burwell and the Clover, are best suited to loamy soils."

Germplasm link

Clover's Red VIR (RUS) #k6263

Clover's Red RCA (HUN) #RCAT004014

Clovers Red IHAR (POL) #1405

Clovers Red IPK (DEU) #TRI 21468

Clovers Red IPK (DEU) #TRI 1129

Cower's Red Wheat CGN (NLD) #CGN04320

Cowers Red RICP (CZE) #01C0100799